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Is It Healthy To Scratch Your Back

There are many annoying and weird things in life and even in our bodies for example itching. Itching sometimes does not even have a physical cause. There are also certain diseases which cause itchiness in our body. Whatever may be the reason for the itch, the next moment our hand will be scratching the itchy area.

Whenever something causes an itch on our body, automatically, we will be tempted to scratch the itchy area to shoo away the itchiness from the area. Does scratching actually shoo the itchiness?  Is there a connection between the scratch and the itch?

Many researchers have researched about it and have found out that scratching relieves itchiness because when a person scratches the itchy area, it does not happen at the nerve fiber, it happens deep inside the central nervous system which sends information about the pain to the brain.

The pain that is produced during the itchiness blocks just the sensation of the itch. The pain produced during the scratch distracts the brain from the itch. The chemical that is produced in our brain during the scratch calms the nerve and the itchiness disappears.

So, it is not a bad idea to scratch when it itches but be careful when you scratch because you may even damage your skin cells. It is better to use a good back scratcher. This will help you scratch your back more easily and with less pain.

There are various back scratchers available with various sizes and material. Browse through the varieties available and choose your best back scratcher.

It is very difficult to reach some places in the back and it is also not easy to exactly pinpoint the location to another person and hence these back scratchers are very handy. Even when there is no one around to help we can scratch our own backs easily.