Dental Care


Denture adhesives are water soluble as well as non toxic materials that help the tissue to hold the dentures in place. It is available in powder, cream, and strips form. The main function of denture adhesives is to reduce slipping and movement of the denture as you move or open your mouth for any activity like eating, coughing, laughing, speaking, and even sneezing.

How does a denture adhesive work?

Dentures generally adhere and also cohere to the tissues underneath it as the saliva adheres to both the tissue and the denture and it exhibits resistance when being pulled apart. Denture adhesive is known to be superior as it adheres to both the denture and the tissue and thus prevents slipping of the denture. But the coherence of the denture adhesive is far greater than the saliva coherence. Denture adhesives have very good adherence and coherence, so they are used widely by denture wearers.

Why I use Fixodent denture adhesive cream?

Fixodent denture adhesive cream is far superior to other creams as it formulated to produce the best comfort and improved grip. Several clinical studies have come to a conclusion that denture adhesives like Fixodent adhesive can improve the performance of the denture that fits properly. Denture rub effects like soreness and red spots are reduced with this adhesive cream. Fixodent is formulated for long term use of three years as it is stable and also lasts very long. The added advantage of Fixodent denture cream is that it has very less quantity of zinc as compared to other adhesives.

Fixodent denture adhesive is specially designed and developed to work with your dentures and mouth to give you a comfortable fit and hold. By using it denture rub effects can be reduced to a very great extent.