What Do You Gain With Lean Mass Gainers?

Being an athlete is not as simple as it is thought to be. For being a great athlete, one need to have the ability to sustain high forces at high speeds i.e., one needs the strength and speed for generating power. For generating the power needed, bigger muscles are required. Only muscles are capable of producing the maximum force at a given speed.

When an athlete trains his body with higher intensity to be more swift, the body is depleted of carbohydrates, amino acids, fat, water, and electrolytes. Hence, the nutritional priorities are to replace the carbohydrates and amino acids lost during training. If there is a failure in replacing these elements, it causes the body to break down the muscle tissues thus, causing serious losses to the muscle mass, strength, speed, and power. This is called catabolism.

Lean Mass Gainers – Making of the Muscles

Lean mass Gainers have an important role in the making of muscle. These supplements contain fast absorbing proteins that on ingestion increases the amino acid levels in the body thus, stimulating the muscle protein anabolism. When the amino acids rise in the blood stream, the muscle building reaction will be greater.

Lean Mass Gainers – Stops Muscle Loss

Most of the lean mass gainer supplements contain maltodextrin that is suitable for post-workout intake. These complex carbohydrates are fast absorbing and they are absorbed triple the times greater but at the same speed of the normal simple sugars. When they are absorbed faster, it will help in suppressing the cortisol. It also helps restore the glycogen and amino acids in the muscles. This means that muscle recovery is promoted by these supplements so that the next workout can be done with greater power output.

A healthy lean mass gainer has a high protein to carb ratio, has BCAAs for muscle recovery and other amino acids that help the athletes to perform better.